Why I'm Running - Bill Cobbs for Governor Why I'm Running - Bill Cobbs for Governor

Why I’m Running

Michigan needs change. Governor Snyder has consistently favored his special interests over the needs of the people. Trust in our government has eroded along with our water, highways, bridges, and schools. Too many Michiganders have been left without clean water and our state is now at the bottom of the country in ethics and transparency.
I’m running for Governor to clean up our state and give power back to the people. We need to restore trust and integrity to Lansing; invest in our schools, infrastructure, and environment; and make Michigan a great place to raise a family.

I’m ready to lead this Michigan revival. As the Global Vice President for Xerox, I listened to our customers and led a team of professionals from different backgrounds and skill sets. I’ll do the same in Lansing — bring together both parties and the best talent we have from across this Michigan to rebuild our industry and infrastructure and implement the highest level of ethics and transparency.

We can do this. But it won’t happen because of one leader or even one campaign. The power to take back our state lies in your hands — and it must be carried from the bottom-up, person-to-person demanding a government that works for the people and not the other way around. I’ll lead the charge, but I need you alongside me.