Water - Bill Cobbs for Governor Water - Bill Cobbs for Governor


I have been asked why I am so determined that Michigan should implement a comprehensive ecological and water policy. Michigan is surrounded by 20 percent of the world’s fresh water supply.

In Michigan, more and more of our policy decisions are being driven by private enterprise and special interest. This is a disaster in the making. Today we allow outdated oil pipelines to continue to operate long past their projected lifecycles. We allow private corporations to pump water from underground aquifers based on public acts that never foresaw privatization of our water resources. Nestle’s, a multi-billion-dollar international corporation now pumps 200 gallons per minute, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for a two hundred dollar a year permit. Nestle’s sole purpose is to use this water for financial gain. They currently are seeking permission to increase the amount the pump by an additional 100 percent.

Once again private enterprise is looking to gain control over a public asset.

Michigan must be a good steward of our water resources. We can only do that if we share information with our citizens and allow them to have a voice in how those resources will be allocated and used. We cannot afford to make a mistake.

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